Carols addiction 3 continued

Continued 3 Errr, I hope it’s just because of work, not that you “d start bugging me , I playfully teased with a smile on my face. He smiled back at me , no Carol, we are good, I promise not to bug you even if I wanted to , although I wonder what kind […]

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Carols addiction 3 …..

I turned around to see this dark, average height, well built guy. I couldn’t say he was attractive or well he wasn’t really my type but I had liked his voice or something had stopped me. But why was I even musing over him . Had to pinch myself. Yes I am carol. You must […]

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Carols addiction 2

Part 2!!!! I moved to Lagos 5 years ago. I had just finished service. The world was my oyster to take. I had been dating my Bf Idris for 2 years & I would lie if I said we were not happy. Of cus we had the usual couples fights and all but we were […]

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Carols Addiction

I was shaking. I don’t know if this is how being heartbroken was suppose to feel but all I knew was I couldn’t breathe anymore. What did Bankole mean by we were over ? Over what ? Maybe it wasn’t what I thought he said, I could be hearing things, it’s possible I was, with […]

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